Danrich, who wrote this show, shines as its sun, and not just because of her gorgeous singing. Her passion for that admirable group of black Harlem artists and intellectuals, some famous and some forgotten, came through in her body language and in every word and note.
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Madama Butterfly & B.S. Or The Case of ‘Singing Sick’


Waiting for PinkertonNope, it’s not what you might be thinking. Most of you know that I have sworn off those accursed swear words, but I didn’t think Bronchitis and Sinusitis would have been a great part of my title.

At any rate, last weekend, I had the pleasure of making my debut as Madama Butterfly with the Imperial Symphony Orchestra.… Read the rest

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Finding Aida

The time has come! In October, I will be making my debut performance of Aida at Annapolis Opera. I have dreamed of singing this role for years and I have loved every minute of exploring this fantastic role. I feel blessed though and am looking forward to breathing life into her.… Read the rest

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New Website, New DVD Release & More

Well it’s been on my ‘to do’ list for sometime and I have finally bitten the bullet, as they say, and had my website redesigned! This new site has been designed to make it very easy for everyone to find out what I’m up to these days.  I also wanted to have a space on the site where I could talk about, not just my singing career, but also other things that I find interesting in the world…hence this lovely blog!… Read the rest