Adrienne Danrich captured the essence of the personalities and artistry of these two great artist/pioneers Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price. Her storytelling ability and the beauty of her voice combined to bring the accomplishments of these great women to audiences that will never hear them ‘live’.

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Wallabout Walking Tour

Soprano Soloist

Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership


July 15, 2017 11:00am

On the 3rd Saturday of each month during Summer 2016, the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership, in collaboration with the Fort Greene Park Conservancy, will host a FREE guided walking tour through the historic Wallabout neighborhood north of Myrtle Avenue.

The neighborhood, most of which is listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places, has a beautiful mix of pre-Civil War homes and late 19th-century industrial buildings. The walk will discuss how the neighborhood has developed since the Dutch first arrived in the early 1600’s and highlight notable residents.

The 90 minute guided tour begins in Fort Greene Park, includes a 1.3-mile walk, and concludes at 99 Ryerson Street. The event is FREE, but space is limited and registration is required.

Special thank you to tour collaborators American Opera Projects and The Walt Whitman Project.

For additional information, please e-mail hello@myrtleavenue.org or call (718) 230-1689 ext 1#.

Meet Your Tour Guide: Ron Janoff

Ron Janoff is a licensed New York City tour guide. He is a teacher and professor of classics, currently President of the New York Classics Club, and coordinator of the Rockwell Place Brooklyn Bear’s Community Garden. He has been a resident of Fort Greene since 2003.