About Adrienne Danrich

Dynamic. Creative. Inspired.

As an award winning singer, writer, composer, and educator, Adrienne Danrich is redefining what it means to be a creative performer. Adrienne is most notably recognized for winning a Midwest EMMY for her performance and narration of This Little Light of Mine: The Stories of Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price. The show, which Adrienne created, also received a Midwest EMMY nomination. Distinctive in her talent and charisma, Adrienne is known for going places other artists have not yet ventured.

Adrienne is a versatile and creative go-getter based in New York City, who has built a reputation on her funny, openly honest, and devoted personality. Striving to reach beyond industry boundaries, Adrienne is a Spinto Soprano perfectly poised for roles like Aida, Tosca, Lady Macbeth (Macbeth), Donna Anna, and Amelia (Un Ballo in Maschera).

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Soprano: Inviting the Audience to Listen, Feel, and Be Inspired

Adrienne is one of those rare artists who leaves her heart on the stage for her audience. As a multidisciplinary singer, she goes beyond treating listeners to beautiful music – she invites them to feel the emotion of each performance alongside her. It is clear that she puts all of her energy, passion, and soul into each song she performs. Adrienne has a unique ability to capture a depth of character and authenticity of each role she fills.

Here is a selection of opera houses, concert halls, and orchestras in which Adrienne has performed and covered.

Writer, Poet, Composer: Evoking Emotion Through Creative Compositions and Performances

Going beyond her creativity as a singer, Adrienne has taken an active interest in writing what she likes to call historical “live-documentaries” and experience-based performances.

When it comes to sharing the stories of historical figures in the music business, she brings a live-element to each performance. She presents history in an interesting way through music, anecdotes, and a variety of multimedia. Her creations invite the audience to view history in a new way – one in which shares insights and evokes emotions.

Educator: Inspiring the Next Generation of Performers

As someone greatly influenced by her education and voice teachers, Adrienne is committed to giving back and inspiring the next generation of artists.

Known for going beyond vocal capabilities, Adrienne is passionate about helping students not only produce healthy, elegant vocal lines but to pair those melodies with raw emotion that honors the music. Her ideal student is someone who not only desires to learn how to sing properly but also wants to fully embody the role of a singing-actor.

Adrienne believes that it’s not only what happens in the voice lesson, but the self-awareness that each student discovers in the practice room that takes them to the next level. While a skilled teacher should provide the roadmap, she believes it’s up to each student to explore their skills and abilities to create something truly beautiful.

Adrienne spends her time teaching Master Classes, serving as an Artist-in-Residency, and offering private lessons. Here are a few examples.

Early Years

While you wouldn’t know it based on the clarity and timelessness of her voice, Adrienne was not always inspired by Classical music.

Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, she listened to Jazz and Blues and sang R&B with her Dad’s band starting at eight-years-old. It wasn’t until she attended Central Visual and Performing Arts High School that her interest in Classical music was sparked. Her background gives her an unusually wonderful vocal range and diversity of musical abilities.

Adrienne received her Bachelors in Music Education at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, and then continued her studies at the College Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, OH. It was while she was at CCM that she booked her first professional opera role, singing Pamina in The Magic Flute with Kentucky Opera.

Fun Facts:

  • “Sing to express, not to impress.” One of Adrienne’s favorite mantras from Seth McCoy, her voice teacher during her time at Eastman.
  • Adrienne’s current voice teacher (Mrs. Mary Stucky) is the same as when she was 14-years-old.
  • In high school, Adrienne was accepted into Tanglewood in Boston, Massachusetts. This was a turning point in her life and when she decided to dedicate her life to music.

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