Audience Feedback


“This Little Light of Mine provided our audiences in schools and in the concert hall with a moving and enlightening experience. Adrienne Danrich captured the essence of the personalities and artistry of these two great artist/pioneers Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price. Her storytelling ability and the beauty of her voice combined to bring the accomplishments of these great women to audiences that will never hear them ‘live’. Any opera company would do well to engage Ms. Danrich for this program as it is both historically informative and musically of a very high level of accomplishment.”

Evans Mirageas – Artistic Director, Cincinnati Opera

“Once in a while in a prolonged spiritual drought along comes an experience that lifts me up and renews me in a way that I can’t put into words, such was Ms. Adrienne Danrich’s This Little Light of Mine. Ms. Danrich brings to life, using dialogue, photos, recordings and her own rich soprano voice, the struggle to be heard of two great singers. Her tribute to the legendary Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price was uplifting and repeatedly brought me and others to our feet as she recounted their rejections and triumphs, paving the way for a whole generation of African-American opera singers. Ms Danrich’s style of delivery, often departing from her notes to engage the audience directly, made the experience the more rewarding.”

Hank Cates – Producer/Host The Opera House, WDPR/WDPG Dayton Public Radio

“I recently had the good fortune to be visiting in Yellow Springs, OH the night soprano Adrienne Danrich was performing her beautiful, moving, and very engaging program “This Little Light of Mine: The Stories of Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price” at Antioch College. So, I just had to put the bug in your ear about what a superb performance she offers, given not only with polish and musical brilliance, but with the gift of a lovely smile and gentle heart that pulls the audience easily into the intimacy of her appreciation for and commitment to the music and important history she is sharing.  Put simply, it’s a wonderful idea beautifully delivered! 

For the record, no, I am not connected in any way to Ms. Danrich.  I’m just one who likes to say thank-you when possible and had seized the opportunity to tell her via email how much I’d enjoyed the program. In her quick and gracious response, I felt even more of that approachability and genuineness that communicate themselves so well from the stage. Take it from me, she’s delightful. If you have a chance, entice her back to St. Louis!”

Gay Townsend – St. Louis, MO

“I admit I have never been an opera fan. But I have had the chance three or four times in the past year or so to take my “teen” mentee from the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative to opera programs out in the community, including a Margaret Garner preview in Clifton, a talk with an African American opera singer in Swifton, a program at Memorial Hall last year and last night’s This Little Light of Mine with Adrienne Danrich at the Freedom Center. I have been impressed by each program. But last night’s prompted me to write this letter. It just blew me away. It brought tears to my eyes more than once. The girl can sing. And she did a tremendous job bringing both legendary singers to life. I’ve always been skeptical in films when a character is brought to tears by an opera. So silly. But when she sang the clip from Madame Butterfly, I held my breath and took a hefty gulp. She instructed us to buy tickets to Aida. I will. For both of us. Keep up the outreach. It’s working.”

Joy W. Kraft – Cincinnati, OH

“As soon as Ms. Danrich started singing, her words began to bounce off the walls, and came flowing into my ear like smooth chirping from a humming bird. I was astonished when I actually enjoyed listening to her sing opera.”

Shevonna Haliburton, 11th grade Mesmer High School, Milwaukee, WI


“Beautiful singing and brilliant performing were on display.”

Neal Goren, Conductor; Former General & Artistic Director of Gotham Chamber OperA New York, NY

“Congratulations on tonight’s wonderful performance. You sang gorgeously, of course, which I expected, and I was also greatly impressed with your writing and acting. Each of the lovers was individual and three-dimensional, and your characterizations were spot-on and often hilarious.”

Scott Levine, Artist Manager

“Great performance! …her absolutely fabulous voice and delivery… Her unique talent, voice, articulation, and personality…”

Lynn Garon, Former Artist Manager to composer Steve Reich & Former Director of The Bang on a Can FestivalNew York, NY

“Now, about the poetry. Adrienne! I guess I’ll just say: Thank you. Thank you for writing, and for finding this amazing way to share your texts with us. I love the structure of the piece, with its five Lovers. I love Arya getting down to work and writing her great letters of gratitude (I don’t SAY I love you, I DO). Tara is adorable, and Ida gave us perhaps the strongest, most mysterious poem of all in “Self.” I thought your own musical settings were just as wonderful as Dave’s — who knew you are also a composer?!? Rasheeda really did emotionally undo me with “Maybe It’s Freedom” (another incredibly strong poem, I think). Thank the Lord for Lydia to bolster us and lift us up! I loved it when you and she sat down for the power to bring forth “Forgiveness.”

Elaine Valby, Vocalist & Recording Artist – New York, NY

“What beauty and light”

Meeghan Truelove – New York, NY

“It was such a great performance- we loved it!”

Mindy Fox – New York, NY